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The Language Tree specializes in training individuals and institutions in the customs, culture, and common practices in China, via a quality instruction in Putonghua (Standard Mandarin) as it is spoken there. Our trainers are university graduates from highly reputable institutions and have had significant working experience in the instruction of Putonghua to foreigners and non-Chinese.

With this excellent resource, we are also able to provide the following services to our clients:


In-house training in Mandarin at your office which is tailored to your company’s business or requirements. Our experienced trainers will focus the content and materials on your industry and usage, making sure your training sessions are effective and time-efficient. Our training sessions may also be conducted at our centre in Desa Sri Hartamas should that be more convenient for our clients.


Under our out-sourcing programme, we also partner with other institutions of higher learning, schools and kindergartens to offer Mandarin classes at their place of business. This is operated as a partner-programme wherein we provide the syllabus, materials, and trainers to other institutions that either do not have such resources available or find it uneconomical to run a Mandarin programme in-house as it is not their core-business activity. The advantage we bring is that we have highly-qualified full-time trainers specializing in Mandarin and the full suite of Mandarin programmes from China, and hence can service the wider education industry for what is today still a very niche market.

We can arrange for an immersion programme for those interested to further their studies in China. We will work with our partner universities to arrange your enrolment and make any other arrangements for your stay in China.