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In the press: The Star Educate, August 2014

Courses provided at The Language Tree are designed for those who want to learn Chinese as a second language and thus are not limited to only Chinese students.

FOR most of us, learning the Chinese language as children was torture...



In the press: The Expat KL, March 2012

STAFFED WITH TRAINERS from China qualified with Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, The Language Tree uses materials published by the top universities in Beijing to train its students to speak the language with accurate pronunciation and free of the influence of local dialects...



Open For Business on BFM with Freda Liu

The Language Tree (TLT) was founded over 2 years ago, specialising in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language. Luisa Lim and Raymond Chan, the founders of TLT left their banking careers of over 12-16 years and their life in Hong Kong behind to start this venture after discovering how effective and enjoyable learning Mandarin in Beijing was. The Language Tree seeks not only to bridge the gap in language but also in cultural habits and practices between Malaysia and China. Podcast:

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