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1.How many people are there in a class?
A: Classes start at a minimum of 4-6 people depending on the programme. Optimal number would be 10-15 persons for interactive learning. For training done at corporate client’s premises, number of attendees can be adjusted to suit the requirement of the client.
2.Are there classes on public holidays?
A: We are closed on National and Federal Territory holidays.
3.Can I just turn up to attend a trial class that I see in your schedule?
A: No, pre-registration is required in order for us to manage the number of attendees. Please call us to register your interest beforehand.
4.Can I just come to see a class on your schedule to see what it is like even if it is not a trial class?
A: We recommend that you call ahead so that we are able to advise you if the programme is appropriate for you and if we can you fit you in.
5.Can I start a class if I have my own group?
A: Yes, if you have a group of persons of a similar standard/level, we’d be happy to start a class for you. If you are not sure of your levels, do call us to make an appointment for a complimentary assessment. We can then propose the right syllabus for you.
6.How much are the fees for the classes?
A: The fees defer depending on programmes. Do call or email us as we have many programmes and will recommend the appropriate one for you.
7.What is the payment mode?
A: Cash, credit card, personal cheques and internet transfer to our bank account.
8.When and how many classes do I need to pay for?
A: You need to pay for the entire course upfront when you register. Certain programmes offer an instalment plan option.
9.If I am away on holiday or a business trip do you offer replacement classes?
A: No but if we have another on-going class for the same syllabus that you could attend for sessions that you missed, we will accommodate you where possible. You also have the option to purchase private lessons at a promotional rate (terms apply) to do one-to-one catch up classes.
10.For one-to-one classes if I can’t make it for my class, can I just cancel that particular session?
A: Yes, kindly give us 24 hours notice for rescheduling. We regret that the class will be forfeited for a notice of less than 24 hours as that period would have been blocked out for your class.